All Texturing was done with photoshop. 90% of the maps are hand painted

Character Texturing by: Nate Horsfall

I had to learn how to UV map for this project. It was something I had never been taught before, and i ended up buying a few books to help me with this fact. Fox is my first UV mapping ever, and as such, there are a few problems, but most is reasonably solid.

Red's first pass has been added. If you would like to see how insane I am when it comes to quality.. look no further than the thousands of feathers I hand drew- one by one, for her map.

Fox 1st Pass:

This is a "1st pass". 1st pass is what I consider base level mapping. Mainly making sure the UV layout works and everything is in the right place. This could be used as final, but it was more of a first draft.
Red 1st Pass:

Red's first pass is more far along than Fox's inital one, was. This is mostly because I had already had my texturing practice with Fox, and so it was- in theory, easier. In practice though, it was probably harder. I had to UV the head about 10 times to get it right- due to the complexity.  And beyond that, the head itself required intense mapping. Each feather was hand drawn in place, and the body itself had much of that as well. Though, like Fox, I was able to copy and paste feathers (scales, for Fox) in other areas for reuse. But, due to the contours of Red's body and how things collide with eachother.. many feathers had to be drawn one by one. At least when it came to the modeled feathers, those were only mapped once, and then duplicated hundreds of times.
The feathers themselves, were quite a challenge. Idid not want something realistic, and getting it stylized enough, was quite tricky. The harsh black lines I settled on, are a great style, I think. Red lends herself very much to 2d animation. Even while 3d, she feels completely wrong if it's realistic. And so, ironically much like Fox, she has a combined realism with a rough cel shading style. But, I think she looks more "drawn" than Fox.
Fox Maps:

There is also a tongue and teeth map, but they were left off due to their simplicity, and not being anything special.
Fox 2nd Pass:

The 2nd Pass is where he was refined more and cleaned up on the seams and especially the belly area. Larger scales were given all over, as I didn't really like the tiny "prickly" look he had before. The belly as mentioned before, was given a major overhaul, and many other extra details were added. For the 3rd and final stage he will have a added layer of bump, displacement, specularity, and so on.
The shots shown are only shots showcasing what was revised and redone. Everything got a ramp up in quality, but these were the most important.
Fox Vs Red and all content related is property of, and copyrighted by: Nate Horsfall
Red Maps:

Like Fox, a tongue and teeth map are also used, but they don't need posting. Nor the eyes, which I was generously given by my friends at Cinematico
The body was divided into 3 parts: Head, Upper Body, and Lower body. This was to get the most detail I could, for each area. The feathers themselves also have a single individual map that is merely duplicated along with each modeled feather.